Perception Study on COVID - 19 Lockdown

Baseline Study for Pathways’ Supplemental Grant Period I CARE India

Pathways project was implemented during 2012 – 2015 and presently the Gates Foundation has extended the Pathways program for one more year from April, 2016 to March, 2017 under the Supplemental Grant Period (SGP). CARE India contemplated to utilise this Grant for consolidating project outcomes and learning for sustainability, scale up and replicating best practices in other project locations through a wide range of stakeholders. CMSR Consultants undertook this Baseline survey at the beginning of this extended period in order to ascertain the project impact at a later stage towards completion of the project and their sustainability.

Impact Assessment Study in 14 Project Districts of Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh under Godhan Program I BAIF Development Research Foundation

The study was undertaken for BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune. The study was conducted to understand the project impact on the target group and also to understand the functioning of various programmes for course correction and lessons learned. It has also improved decision making for the current or next generation socio-economic development projects, including Field Performance Recording (FPR), documentation, M & E, and research. The study involved large scale data collection in field (face to face interviews with 3000 farmers and 1500 DIG members). Besides, 100 focus group discussions were also conducted in field with farmers and DIG members and telephonic interviews were conducted with 10000 farmers.

Media Collective for Child Rights (MCCR) I UNICEF State Office, Chhattisgarh

A collaborative effort of CMSR Foundation and UNICEF State Office, Chhattisgarh to focus on promoting Child Rights issues in the state. Through media workshops, field visits, mentorship and training & capacity building of different stakeholders, this initiative aims towards collective mobilization of media, civil society, government officials and elected representatives of Chhattisgarh to ensure children are able to enjoy their basic human rights related to education, health, nutrition and safety form violence and trafficking.

Rapid Assessment Study for Exploring Opportunities to Promote Electricity-Consuming Enterprises in the Rural Areas of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh I CARE India

CMSR Consultants undertook this study for CARE India. The study contemplated on identifying opportunities for expanding economic activities in underserved rural areas through electricity-consuming enterprises model that would enhance the income and quality of life of people. Based on the discussions with the community in the selected study villages the team identified few enterprises involving use of electricity and documented for the benefit of the decision makers. The study also tried to bring out the constraints in persuading the community for taking up such activities involving use of Electricity.

Market Assessment Study for Magic Bus’ Youth Livelihood Programme I Magic Bus India Foundation

CMSR Consultants conducted this assessment for Magic Bus India Foundation, New Delhi. The market assessment was directed towards establishing the relationship of the likely youth needs in the project area and the market and community factors that will influence the placement and sustainability of Livelihood program proposed to be implemented by Magic Bus. The Assessment was done in three catchment areas of five selected locations viz; Patna, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Manesar and Baddi. The major tasks performed by CMSR include; developing research designs, drafting research tools (SIS, FGD guidelines for parents and youth, IDI formats for employers as well as training institutes), data analysis and report writing.

Study on Chennai Floods and Children’s Resiliency: Understanding the impact of sudden onset of climatic disaster on vulnerable urban children I Save the Children

This study was commissioned in the context of recent floods which affected Chennai city in November-December, 2015 and the objective was to understand the risks of climate changes posed to children in Chennai because of floods. Mostly, the study was of a qualitative nature and involved focus group discussions with children and parents of affected zones and interviews with officials of Municipal Corporation, PHC, school staff and AWCs.

Analysis of Assembly Questions during the Year 2013-15 I UNICEF

UNICEF as part of it’s engagement with the Vidhan Sabha of Chhattisgarh, have taken up the task of analyzing questions raised by honorable members of the house on child rights and related issues. For this purpose UNICEF required support of a research agency to analyse the questions raised during the year 2013-15 and CMSR Consultants was selected for this task. The scope of work of the organization includes; analysing the questions raised during all the eight sessions from the period 2013 – 2015 and to make a comparison and prepare a report on the questions related to child rights and related issues with a special focus on the five broad areas i.e. Reducing Neo Natal Deaths, Reducing Stunting, Reducing Open Defecation, Protection of Children against Violence and Abuse and all children in school and learning.

Development of FFBS Manual & Toolkit for Care India’ Pathways Project

A toolkit on Farmer’s Field and Business School (FFBS) has been brought out by the Pathways Global Program of CARE. The toolkit follows Klobe’s Learning Cycle Approach. Though Pathways India also follows some of the session plans and methodologies as listed in the Global Pathways toolkit, there is scope for the adaptation of the toolkit to incorporate field and community conditions and requirements, and keeping in mind the resource material and content CARE actually intends to deliver in the respective domains, in a crop cycle sensitive manner. Therefore, in order to adapt Pathways India’ Resource Material into a full-fledged FFBS Manual with participatory tools and methodologies interwoven, CARE India sought the services of CMSR Consultants for “Preparation of FFBS Manual and Tool kit for CARE India’s Pathways Program”.

Community Mobilisation, Household and Livelihood survey for Slum Redevelopment Program under RAY I XPLORER Consultancy, Gurgaon.

The purpose of the project was to support WAPCOS Limited in preparation of SFCPoA and DPR for development of slums under Rajiv Awas Yojana scheme as per GoI guidelines. The project component includes community mobilization and conducting slum household & livelihood survey in Buxar and Ara districts of Bihar. The study involved the large scale data collection (25000 households) in slum households through the formats prepared by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation with the help of National Buildings Organization (NBO).

Impact Evaluation of J.P.Morgan - Don Bosco Academy for Skills:

CMSR Consultants Pvt. Ltd., at the instance of Don Bosco Tech Society conducted the Impact Evaluation of ‘J.P Morgan – Dons Bosco Tech Academy for Skills’ programin the states of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The study involved interviewing a total of 639 trained candidates besides, conducting discussions with the faculty members of the selected centers to understand the implementation process followed by them and to know the challenges/barriers faced by the staff in implementing the program. In addition, 10 employers from selected locations were interviewed to find out the extent to which they are satisfied with the performance of DB Tech candidates Feedback was also sought from the parents/families of the selected trainees through Focus Group Discussions.

Gender Diversity Survey for JCB India:

At the instance of Marching Sheep, CMSR Consultants undertook the diagnostic study on Gender Diversity for JCB at three locations – Ballabhgarh, Jaipur and Pune. The purpose of the study was to get an insight of JCB staff as well as shop floor employees on how they perceive the journey of their organization and what steps they would like to see in order to make JCB a much better diverse and gender friendly organization. Both quantitative (online & offline) as well as qualitative methods were used for the study. Apart from this, FGDs were conducted with the women employees and In-depth Interviews with the senior officials of JCB.

Evaluation of Magic Bus’ Livelihood Program for Magic Bus India Foundation:

The Livelihood Program of Magic Bus was initiated along with Comic Relief with the envisaged Goal of “Sports for Change”. The program aimed at providing disadvantaged youth in Delhi with the right vocational training and support to enable them to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals and successfully move into sustained employment or further education, or job-based training. CMSR Consultants was entrusted with the task of undertaking an “Evaluation” exercise to understand to what extent “Activity Based Learning” has impacted the target group in grooming them to choose a successful career. The evaluation involved analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. In-depth interviews were conducted with the youth, Implementing functionaries and certain Employers and Training Institutes.

Qualitative Rapid Assessment for Women + Water Project in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Client: CARE India:

The QRA was done to undertake the ‘Cluster and SHG Mapping’ in the seven selected districts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to identify communities and women’s groups where W+W project can be implemented. The study envisaged identifying 20,000 functional SHGs who would be interested in participating in a life skill training program by CARE India. The outcome of the Study helped in identifying “cluster of villages” wherein women organizations are functioning, in order to plan for a Program pertaining to capacity building of women about the best practices to be adopted under “WASH” (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene). These cluster of villages would be the platform for launching the capacity building program being proposed by CARE India.

Pre-testing of pictorial health warning for Cigarettes, Bidis and Smokeless Tobacco to test their effectiveness for Centre for Communication and Change-India:

CMSR Consultants took up this study forCentre for Communication and Change-Indiato pre-test the pictorial health warnings for tobacco products to test their effectiveness” in conveying the message. The main task involved assessment of two sets of pictorial graphics each containing six types of packages with differences in the text and the picture which conveyed the warning about the health hazards due to consumption of tobacco. The study was conducted through one-to-one interviews as well as focus group discussions among the smokers and non-smokers of cigarette and bidi and users and non-users of smokeless tobacco products in the broad age-group of 18-55 years, both in rural and urban areas and among males and females. A study protocol/format was developed in consultation with JHHU and WHO to seek responses of the participants of group.

Thematic Study on Community Based Adaptation (CBA) Project in Chhattisgarh for CARE India:

Qualitative study and documentation pertaining to various interventions done under “Community Based Adaptation Project” was undertaken in Jashpur district. The project interventions advocated‟ promotion of community-based strategies and practices evolved by CARE India. The study focused on how these interventions had worked on the community around the underlined five Thematic Areas i.e. Agriculture Collectivization, Soil & Water Conversation; Climate Resilient & Financial Services; Inclusive Governance and Gender. In-depth interviews (IDIs) were conducted with the project functionaries and Focus Group Discussions with the Adivasi men and women of the farming community, Members of Village Development Committee, Block level Motivation Teams, Self-help Groups, Water User Associations and Joint Forest Management Committees.

Baseline Study of Gender Roles in Rice Value Chain in Selected Districts of Haryana for CARE India:

At the instance of Mars Food, CARE India undertook this Base-line Study to identify gender roles in the basmati rice value chain. It partnered with CMSR Consultants for undertaking the qualitative aspect of the proposed study jointly. The main objective of this study was to obtain data from the field pertaining to identifying opportunities and constraints of men and women as well as farm workers which includes migrant and non-migrant households in Basmati Rice Value Chain in selected three districts of Haryana.

Consumer Survey: Socio-economic Conditions for Successful Introduction of Improved Pigeon Pea Varieties for Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland:

Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology (ISCB) is a bilateral research and product development program, jointly funded and steered by the Indian and Swiss government. In phase IV (2013-17) research networks were funded to work on pest resistance, yield improvement and climate resistance of cassava, finger millet and pigeon pea.CMSR Consultants carried out the value chain analysis and consumer survey in Delhi & Hyderabad to ascertain market perception and preference of desired traits in improved pigeon pea cultivators. The exercise explicitly gave an insight about the tangible benefits that were gradually emerging from the project which are capable enough to challenge any vulnerable situation that can occur during climate change in terms of hunger and human mobility.