Perception Study on COVID - 19 Lockdown

Perception Survey on Air Quality in 17 Cities for ASAR Social Impact Advisors:

The purpose of the study was to get insights from people about air pollution and their extent of knowledge regarding its implications. The study covered 5000 respondents through both online and offline survey from 17 cities. The sample cities were classified into two major categories i.e. most polluted cities (Delhi & NCR, Patna, Lucknow, Varanasi, Amritsar, Singrauli, Dhanbad, Raipur, Korba, Chandrapur, Angul and Nagpur) andcities which are fast becoming polluted (Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai & Calcutta).The on-line survey link was also shared by the Support Agencies among their people in order to draw a comparison between the neutral audiences and those who are already working on air pollution or environmental issues in terms of their knowledge, awareness and attitude towards air pollution.

Evaluation of Truckers Engagement Project – Suhana Safar for Development Alternatives (DA):

“Suhana Safar” program was funded by MAERSK and implemented by “Development Alternatives” for improving the quality of life of the containerised truck drivers through imparting training & orientation about Road safety, and WASH at Dadri and Tughlaqabad Depots. The task of conducting an “End-line evaluation” of the “Suhana Safar” program was entrusted to CMSR Consultants for learning lessons on the outcome and impact of the program. The study involved interviewing 455 Truck Drivers and Helpers, and 50 family members of the truck drivers apart from Focus Group Discussions with community members and In-depth interviews with the representatives of Trucking Associations & Companies.

Baseline Study of ‘Born Learning’ Program in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand for United Way Delhi:

The ‘Born Learning’ is a United Way Worldwide program, aimed at the overall well-being and development of the new born in its most formative years (0-6 years) of growth and development and to improve the infrastructural facilities including WASH in the selected 20 Anganwadi centers of Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. CMSR Consultants conducted thebaseline study for United Way Delhi to know the existing conditions of the AWCs so as to set up a benchmark and their actual need for improvement. The study adopted a mix of quantitative and qualitative approach. Interviews were conducted with Anganwadi Workers/Helpers and Mothers of children (0-3 years) and children (3-6 years). A Focus Group Discussion checklist was prepared to conduct the discussions with community members.